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Lorde Previews Unreleased Song & Sings ‘Green Light’ With Caroline Polachek in Budapest

Lucky fans at Lorde‘s Sziget Festival show in Budapest Monday night (Aug. 14) were treated to two very special surprises: a performance of one of the indie pop icon’s unreleased songs, as well as a guest appearance from Caroline Polachek.

Lorde has been previewing two unreleased songs at her festival shows over the past week or so, which fans have titled “Silver Moon” and “Invisible Ink,” respectively. At her latest concert, she sang the former track, asking the crowd to “shut your eyes and feel it with me.”

“Allow me to set the scene/ When I met you, I’d never done ecstasy,” she sang, standing in front of a massive sun prop. “Just a girl with a dream, remember?/ Back then I still had wisdom teeth.”

The performance follows a cryptic Instagram post from Lorde last week, in which she seemed to tease that a future project was slowly taking shape. “These times are beautiful and they freak me out and there’s so much to tell you,” she wrote in a post following her Aug. 9 Øya Festival in Oslo. “No this is not the start of anything out there, just want u to know there’s a light on inside me .. show it to you soon.”

Lorde Previews Unreleased Song

Unfortunately for fans of “Silver Moon” and “Invisible Ink,” however, it doesn’t look like the “Mood Ring” singer has any plans to release them anytime soon. According to screenshots, Lorde informed a commenter on Instagram that she’d simply decided to set the tracks “free from my laptop,” as she figured they were “beautiful and fun” for her Solar Power run of festival shows.

On the bright side, fans of both Lorde and Caroline Polachek got to enjoy the ultimate crossover when Polachek joined the “Royals” musician onstage in Budapest, helping to transform Lorde’s 2017 hit “Green Light” into an electric duet. “Caroline Polachek, everybody!” Lorde cheered, hugging Polachek at the end of their performance.

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