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While most female rappers come in the game they usually have the Barbie girl wave with the multi colors. Then you have the girls who don’t play that mess and will give you the business, well try to have a female rapper that can give the best of both worlds. Nadia Payne, a young talented artist/rapper coming from the west side of Detroit, Michigan.

Unlike most rappers Nadia’s upbringing was simple and complex. She grew up with both her parents until the age of 14. Both parents were like Bonnie & Clyde; Her mother held down a job and pursue her career while her father hustled in the streets. Being the youngest of 2 children, Nadia & her family moved around a lot. At some point she stayed with her grandmother from time to time on fenkell ave before her untimely passing. They gotten settled in the surburbs (Southfield) so they can have a better education & safe environment. As she grew up Nadia will start coming out her shell when she will get into fights with people who she feel will try to pick with her. It was then at 14, when her dad & mom split she will have to grow up & face the world on her own. She always had a thing for entertainment rather it was dancing or writing fictional stories. Nadia was no stranger to the entertainment world from a young girl looking up to her idols. She danced at her church then, Dexter Avenue Baptist Church which was called praised danced. As she got older she will then turn to modeling, doing editorial, print, and vixen modeling. At the time she went by “Nadia Marie” as her model name. Meanwhile she would be avoided in promoting parties in her city. Joining promo groups such as her most noticeable promo group called “Luxurii productions”. Later on she will stop doing modeling at the age of 24 after her competition in LA, she will win “New Model of the year” but at time the agencies wanted a “particular look”. Nadia always had a passion for music because that was her only way to express herself. She did spoken word and wrote poetry which then turned into music. Her start into music was June 2017 when she dropped her first song called “Rebel”. Coming in the game with a new flavor letting everyone know why she stands out from the rest.

Nadia, recently spotted at the 313 Detroit Celebrity Basketball game with several iconic artists from the city including Drego, Skilla Baby, Lil Beno, Tay B, Kuddi, Neisha Neshae, Helluva and more! Nadia is working on some hot new music for her fans as she gears up for a big surprise!

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