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Rising Stars from Detroit: Meet 100it and 313BAGS

100it and 313BAGS


In the vibrant hip-hop scene of Detroit, Michigan, two talented rappers have been making waves and capturing the attention of music enthusiasts. Known for their unique styles and captivating lyrics, 100it and 313BAGS, representing D1B Productions, are quickly gaining recognition and establishing themselves as rising stars. With their debut mixtape “Mask and Gloves” already released and an upcoming album titled “Better Than B4” on the horizon, the duo is poised to leave a lasting impact on the industry.

The Rise of 100it and 313BAGS:

Hailing from the streets of Detroit, 100it and 313BAGS have emerged as authentic voices, reflecting the struggles and triumphs of their city. Their journey began under the wing of D1B Productions, a local music collective dedicated to nurturing raw talent. Through their relentless dedication, the duo has honed their skills and developed a distinctive sound that sets them apart from their peers.

With 2 Singles on the way
Luv Tht and Paid N Full


“Mask and Gloves” Mixtape: OUT NOW: https://www.d1bproductions.com/music-artist

Released to critical acclaim, “Mask and Gloves” showcases the raw talent and artistic prowess of 100it and 313BAGS. The mixtape effortlessly blends hard-hitting beats with introspective and thought-provoking lyrics. It delves into the realities of street life, personal struggles, and the pursuit of success against all odds.

Anticipation for “Better Than B4”:

As fans eagerly await their upcoming album, “Better Than B4,” excitement continues to grow around 100it and 313BAGS. The duo has been teasing fans with snippets and previews, promising a project that surpasses all expectations. With their distinct chemistry and honed skills, the album is expected to showcase their growth and evolution as artists. From captivating storytelling to infectious hooks, “Better Than B4” is poised to solidify their place in the music industry.

100it and 313BAGS

Reppin’ D1B Productions:

Beyond their individual success, 100it and 313BAGS are proud artist and representatives of D1B Productions, a collective that has nurtured their talent and provided them with a platform to shine. D1B Productions, known for its commitment to showcasing authentic Detroit talent, has been instrumental in their rise to prominence. With the support of their label, the duo is poised to reach new heights and make their mark on the industry.


In the bustling hip-hop scene of Detroit, 100it and 313BAGS are making their presence felt. With their debut mixtape “Mask and Gloves” already making waves and an eagerly anticipated album, “Better Than B4,” on the horizon, the duo’s star is on the rise. Their unique blend of captivating lyrics, infectious beats, and authentic storytelling sets them apart from their peers. As they continue to make noise in the city and beyond, 100it and 313BAGS are undoubtedly artists to watch out for, representing the next generation of Detroit’s hip-hop legacy.

313BAGS: https://instagram.com/official313bags

100it: https://instagram.com/d1b100it

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