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“Zone AM” Halloween Never Ends:Season2 Is In Work Now

Zone AM

Zone is Finishing Episode 1 As we Speak. He Said You Will never Believe who I killed In This First Episode & he Didn’t spill the beans. & Started Laughing & saids This Kill Spree Is The Most Make These Niggas Scared Cause they don’t know what they’re Verzuz’n Its totally No Fuck Shyt, No Diddy & than Saids I Brought Rap Life To Boardbills them other rappers just Trynna be that & postings cause I Brought It There & Made It My Home & 2025 Own Forbes … & he saids more Now This Season I know people thought I came Super Ultimate Cause Of storyline Mix with Im Thrashing rap Alterations Its Alot Foreal … Still Mad At some stuff & still Laugh cause lames gone be lames calling theyself Trynna stop my 2nd Wife…..

Zone AM

Zone Mindfame sorta Went Some where esle for a few seconds turn his Head Slowly Right & Left &… Than Got Be Back on Interview & Said Its some Real Life Finessers Heads I Would Like to chop off they neck & throw it in a casket No Joke. Damn!!! Just That & Zone Said just that. & Zone Said let Me Continue tho my bad I just don’t play out here I’m Pure Big Dawg I’m King Of Horror & My Fanbase Finna Keep Saying I’m unstoppable When Thirl Series Gets Created It’s shouldnt get cancelled or throw homoboys in the show unless they get murdered Just How I Be Killing them no extra camera time on Halloween Never Ends they gots to DIE,deCease ,at sene…no Fuck shyt ..just know y’all all Gonna stay eyes locked On locked it’s Me I’m Michael Myers. World get ready Just Finished My Album Cover For the (Halloween Never Ends:Steady Killing) Album I still got more to put to dead. Stay Up World

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