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Experience the genre-defying magic of SR.Gent in his latest album, “Vibes”  


SR.Gent is truly a genre alchemist, coming through with a sound that is hard to predict; and it’s actually the unpredictability of his music that makes it more exiting. He is a rapper, singer-songwriter, and producer who has a knack for audience connection and an ear for hit sound, which makes him such a strong force to be reckoned with in his field. He is also a medically retired army vet, from whom he borrows his stage name as a retired ‘sergeant.’ 

His combination of catchy and expressive beats and velvety vocals glide through tracks with a subtle confidence sure to leave a lasting impression on any listener. He surely knows how to pack a powerful punch with his music, and his delivery consistently meets expectations. As such, his meteoric rise to stardom has been nothing short of iconic. 

Taking influences from many genres and cultural influences, SR.Gent has been able to develop his own sound within the tradition of first-class singing; stretching the boundaries of genre based music, and that is exactly what he has done with his new project dubbed “Vibes”- a 14-track project inspired by afrobeat vibes. 

As you might expect, there is something for everyone here, with SR.Gent going above and beyond to ensure a listener is thoroughly fed with tracks that have got the replay value and that possess the thrill to enhance your day, night, and weekend. 

There are numerous standout tracks here, but I will sample several to spark your own interest in this impeccable body of work. 

I particularly enjoyed the track “Warm Up” because it has so many fresh melodic and cultural influences. There is that inescapable hip hop element, Caribbean influences from that outstanding beat, and the afrobeat thrill exuded by the sick arrangement as SR.Gent levitates over this impressive blend of rhythm and melody with both style and finesse. 

This tune features captivating hooks to get you feeling the vibe as you dance along like no one’s watching; it is the fact that you can dig the tune from start to finish that makes it golden. 

“Love Girls” is another special banger that celebrates all the lovely ladies that are not only beautiful and sexy but loyal, the ones to hold it down for their men. The type of woman one would consider as a steadfast partner. And this also applies to all the real men out there who are real gentlemen who love and protect their ladies. 

At this track’s core is that memorable chorus that is guaranteed to remain with you outside the track, and that’s how you know this track is a smash hit. 

Another bona fide standout is “Lies” which features emotional depth and sees SR.Gent lyrically explore a situation where the person you are dating isn’t being real with you; you know the mind games, lies, and disrespect, and maybe you are just playing along because you know you are going to leave them. 

SR.Gent impresses with his soft, smooth vocals that lusciously slink over the powerful beat smoothly like butter! 

“IOU” features a traditional, cinematic intro and a fast, danceable tempo that is guaranteed to get you dancing in time with the beat. The guest emcee, Era Breaux, adds depth and variety with his rap verse and gives the tune that broad appeal. 

“Glorious” did leave a lasting impression on me; right from the mellifluent guitar intro that lays the groundwork, to the R&B and pop-inspired percussion and SR.Gent’s own sweet talking voice that ingratiates itself with the listener. He offers such a smooth delivery and draws the listener into this romantic inspired masterpiece. 

“Glorious” is the kind of music you play as you get ready for that dinner, or if sharing music is your kind of love language. With just one listen, this track will leave an indelible imprint on your soul. 

Tracks such as “Friday” and “Ghetto Girl” are definite club hits that celebrate sexy and freaky girls who make life more enjoyable with their glowing beauty and appeal. 

Tell you what, we’ve got ourselves the proper album of the summer with “Vibes,” a project that I feel deserves major recognition from any music lover. 

To fully appreciate this project, make sure you follow the attached link and vibe to the fullest! 

To stay in SR.Gent’s lane, follow him on: 


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