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The Untold Story Of Musician/Songwriter “The Real J.T.W.”

The Real J.T.W.

The Real J.T.W. was born March 2, 1993 in Omaha, Nebraska. He lived with his Mom and Dad until they got a divorce when he was 2 years old. He came from a tough childhood, through poverty and not having much. At the age of 5 years old, he got taken away from his Mom. He was put into foster care for a while. Not long after that his grandma and grandpa on his Moms side had took him in for a while. It became difficult for them due to their age. When he was 7 years old, he went to live with a foster family. He had a step Mom and Step Dad. He also had a step brother. This new family seemed to be a good fit until they decided they were going to move to Wisconsin. Child services gave him an option to move with his foster family or stay back in Nebraska, closer to his actual family.

He decided to stay back in Nebraska. At the age of 10, he got a second chance to live with his Mom. She couldn’t raise him for long as she was battling issues again with her mental illness. This time child services got involved again. With both families fighting for custody, one on his Moms side and then one on his Dads side. They went to court for full custody of him. At the age of 13, he got adopted by his grandparents on his dad’s side. Not long after he moved with them to Utah. Life seemed to get harder for him as he had to adapt to change once again. He joined a school where fitting in with friends wasn’t easy. He got caught up with the wrong crowd. He had lost many friends to the street life. He dealt with so much trauma in his life. He looked towards songwriting, using his journal to dive into his life events. At age 15, he went to his first recording studio at a friends house. He recorded multiple mixtapes at the time. He got into free styling when he was younger so that was another big part of him musically. At age 19, after graduating High School. He moved away from his grandparents to go to college in St. George, Utah. Not long after one semester of schooling. He would return back home. He felt he had threw the biggest opportunity a way at being something. Not long after he would get a regular job. At the age of 21, he had a mental breakdown and finally got the help he needed. He always had a struggle with depression and addiction. That being said, later would define his purpose with music.

The Real J.T.W. today is a well known underground rapper/songwriter who took the internet by surprise in late 2020. He dropped his first album with no label titled “The Good & The Bad”. This album consisted of 8 tracks. He had a track off this album titled “SHATTERED” which opened the door for him with some big opportunities. In late 2020, a producer who goes by the name of Soulburnin, took a liking to his music. The two started working together on his first professional recorded album titled “WATCH ME BLEED”.

This album consisted of 15 tracks. Two of his songs made some serious noise, titled “DAMAGED” and “NEW PLACE”. He made a name for himself on platforms like SoundCloud and Instagram. He has made a promise to his fans to stay active and drop one song each month. Each track has a story of its own. Some topics he would speak on are depression and addiction. Many fans have described his music to be therapeutic while others would describe it as dark but real. His music can be known to help others who battle trauma. Many people ignore the importance of mental health. As he makes it his main focus in life. In early 2022, The Real J.T.W. recorded his second studio album under Soulburnin Records, titled “PAINFUL LIVING”. This album dropped on all platforms worldwide December 29, 2023. He plans on dropping more music in 2024, promising the fans a 3rd album on the way. This album has a title, “Way Below Ground”.

The Real J.T.W.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/therealj.t.w/

YouTube: https://youtube.com/@therealj.t.w.

Twitter: https://x.com/therealjtw93Label

Website: https://www.soulburninrecords.com/

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